Metal-cutting, abrasive, measuring and metalwork tools, machine tooling.




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Seco history begins with the small business Fagersta Bruks, dating back to the early 17th century. The enterprise produced steel wire, steel pipes, rifle barrels and springs for railway cars, and in 1932 launched the production of hard alloy products.

Gradually, the company produced more and more new cutting tools. One of the alloys was named Seco, which means “I cut” in Latin, a name that later gave the name to a separate division in the reformed group of companies

In the 50s and 60s, the Fagersta Group made large investments in the area

production of hard alloy. The group acquired several manufacturing companies, becoming one of the three largest European producers of tungsten carbide.

SECO metal cutting tool. Iron Park, Minsk

In those years, the revolutionary S25M alloy and the first coated inserts were released. During the 80s and 90s Seco expanded rapidly and opened

several branches outside Sweden.


Today the Seco group unites more than 50 subsidiary trade organizations. The company is headquartered in Fagersta, Sweden. The Swedish metalworking expert Seco Tools manufactures a comprehensive line of multipurpose high performance tools and tooling for all types of metal and composite processing.

With 23,000 standard and bespoke products, Seco Tools is a one-stop supplier of tooling products from spindle inserts to cutting edges. Reliable logistics, high-level value-added services and complex projects represent the company's package of services. All Seco employees around the world share the same values: customer focus, trust and commitment. Part of the Sandvik financial and industrial group, a division of Sandvik Machining Solutions.

Seco products include:

milling tool

turning tool

tool for processing holes

threading tool

auxiliary tool

tools from progressive materials

tools for processing composites

Owner's office: SECO TOOLS AB, Visiting address: Björnbacksvägen 10, 737 30 FAGERSTA

The switchboard: 0223-400 00


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Development and optimization of technological solutions for turning and milling metal processing.


Depending on the technical, economic goals and resources, we carry out an individual approach to each client.

Our company specializes in the complex sale of metal-cutting, diamond tools for mechanical engineering. We carry out the development of technological solutions for turning and milling metal processing.

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The whole range of metal-cutting, abrasive, measuring, locksmith tools and equipment.

Metal-cutting, abrasive, measuring and metalwork tools, machine tooling.


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