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Recommendations for choosing the tool ZCC-CT (China)


●  For steel machining, the most popular grades are: YBC152 (improved service life under stable working conditions) and YBC252 (under impact loads);


●  For steels to compete in productivity with SANDVIK and SECO, choose the new grades YBC103 and YBC203 (XF and XM chipbreakers, separate brochure).


●  For stainless steel grade PVD - grade YBG205, CVD YBM153/ YBM253. YBG205 is the most common grade, especially when combined with an EF chipformer, it is excellent for light to high speed machining of stainless steel and steel. Long service life and excellent surface quality are guaranteed;

● For gray cast iron, the most common combination is YBD152C with TC chipformer, which performs better than Japanese grades.

● For ductile iron or nodular cast iron, we recommend using YBD102, YBD152D with TR chipbreaker, or the new grade YB7315 with TC chipbreaker.


● For face milling, first choice: FMA17 body with SNMX inserts or FMA12 body with ONHU inserts;


● For 90 degree shoulder milling, customers usually use EMP01 with APKT inserts. If high performance is required, the first choice is EMP09 with LNKT inserts;


● For High Feed milling, the ZCC-CT has one of the best offerings on the market: the XMR01+ body of SDMT inserts.


● For grooving and parting off, choose the ZT* ZP* series. Performance similar to SANDVIK and SECO inserts


● When choosing solid carbide end mills, the GM series is the entry level. HMX for high hard materials, PM/PMX/VPM for high performance general milling, AL for aluminum machining;


● There are no ISO milling inserts APMT11/APMT16 in the catalog, but they are also available for orders in our company.


● GD or UD series solid carbide drills are for general machining;


● When it comes to indexable drills, ZCC-CT offers one of the best solutions in the world: ZSD U-DRILL;


● An assortment of rough and fine boring heads is available in a separate catalogue.

Axial threading tool:

● Carbide taps;


● Thread cutters


● In a separate directory ZCC-CT a wide range of tooling is available.

Each type of processing has certain difficulties. Our knowledge and developments will help you in your daily work. Have a specific problem? Contact us and together we will find a solution.


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A wide range of tools in stock and a quick search on order (from 7 days).


Development and optimization of technological solutions for turning and milling metal processing.


Depending on the technical, economic goals and resources, we carry out an individual approach to each client.

Our company specializes in the complex sale of metal-cutting, diamond tools for mechanical engineering. We carry out the development of technological solutions for turning and milling metal processing.

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The whole range of metal-cutting, abrasive, measuring, locksmith tools and equipment.

Metal-cutting, abrasive, measuring and metalwork tools, machine tooling.


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